ABC Ranch Naturals

15249 Hwy. 19
Martinsburg, MO 65264

Welcome to our web site, Carl and I have gone through many changes over the years and this is now our current status.  Carl was born here and raised Charolais cattle for over 30 years while row cropping corn and soybeans, after our marriage we added sheep and rabbits to our list of animals - this led to the purchase of a carding mill and processing for fiber enthusiasts.  We are now without livestock, getting out of the processing business and renting our farm ground.  At this time I am still doing fiber art work and teaching felting classes - this brings you up to date on ABC Ranch.  Information on current goings on will be kept up on my Happenings page.   Thank you for visiting and if you are new to me I do hope to meet you one day.  Please remember:
Skill to do comes of doing.   Bonnie
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